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Community Service Projects - our service project recipients/projects may vary from year to year based on member requests. The members choose which groups to support at the beginning of the year.


We have donated quilts, totes, toiletries, and other items to the local women's shelter, hospital, nursing homes, Coalition against Child Abuse, flood victims and the police department (for children), plus cash donations to local charities.

We have made quilts for Veterans thru the Quilts of Valor Organization. Hospice has received colorful pillowcases.


Amy's House: the local shelter for women and children can always use help.  A collection container is passed around during the meeting for any cash donations and we collect needed items for them.




All fabrics should be good quality 100% cotton, prewashed and dried or quilt washed after construction.


Tied quilts should be made with 100% polyester batting only.  If you are using cotton or a cotton blend batt, machine quilting works best.




Made for CMC-Lincoln Hospital year round

Size:  36" square = exact finished size ( this size fits perfectly over the incubators to block light).

Colors: your choice

Batting: Cotton or cotton/poly blend is best since it breathes.

Quilting: Machine or hand.



Size: 36" square or 36" x 42"

Colors: your choice of happy fabrics!

Batting: cotton or cotton/poly blends

Quilting:  Machine or hand



Size range:  36" x 42" - 42" x 54"

Batting: lighter weights best - cotton or poly or blend

Quilting: Machine, hand or hand-tied


LAP QUILTS: can be for children, teens, or adults.

Size range: 42" x 54" minimum

Colors:  your choice

Batting: Cotton or poly or blends

Quilting: Machine, hand or hand-tied



Size:  minimum 55"x65";   maximum 72" x 90"   Recommended 60" x 80"

Colors: Patriotic or Civil War - see for more instructions.

Batting: 100% cotton weight  for an adult

Quilting: Machine or hand.


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