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Membership - Dues are $20 per year due each January.  Dues are pro-rated after September 1st. 


Nametags - We ask members to wear a name tag to the meetings.

It can be made of anything. 


Lincoln Quilters Newsletters will be emailed and/or sent by US mail

to members monthly.




Library - A wonderful collection of books available for use by the membership on a monthly basis.  Books are due back the next month. Late fees are $1.00 per book.  A complete list of books is available on this web site - see Library page.


Programs - lectures and workshops for continued learning techniques and great fellowship with other quilt enthusiasts.


Door Prize every month -   Everyone in attendance at the meeting, including visitors, is eligible to win our door prize.  The previous month's winner provides the prize.  It can be anything small and quilt related, hand made or "store bought" (not to exceed $5).  Examples: fat quarters, pins, scissors, patterns, stationery, chocolates, etc..  


Challenge Quilts - These are due in January.  In February participants are given the Challenge guidelines.  Rules may include a specific theme, size, pattern, or fabric or it could be anything goes!.  You get one year to complete your masterpiece.  Members will then vote on their favorite.  Prizes are awarded as follows:

                               Best Theme or Use of Fabric or Color

                                        Most Original Design

                                               Viewer's Choice


The Challenge Hostess may tweak the awards to match the challenge theme.

Winning quilts are limited to two awards- Viewer's Choice plus one other.

Participation is on a VOLUNTARY basis.


Workshops - Members get first dibs on workshops on a first come basis.   The remaining seats become available to the public after members are given a chance to register.  Visitors may pay a higher fee for some classes.


Class fees must be paid at time of registration and are not refundable. You may sell your seat if you are unable to attend.

Click here to get ByLaws

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